The brand new edition of the ARCLINEA BOOK 2016 is an evolved, complete tool both for those who design Arclinea and those, the end users, who choose Arclinea. This big book illustrates ad describes the Arclinea Collection in all its distinctive, unique traits, innovation and attention to detail. It is a collection of results from 30 years of work and collaboration with Antonio Citterio, during which time continual research and pondered evolution of the product have generated a programme of new-concept interiors and specified a wide-ranging representation of living options.
Practical solutions, big-appeal photos and an in-depth look at products that embody the company’s history and innovation over time. A large section is dedicated to accessories and the huge ‘abacus’ of exclusive Arclinea elements, all compatible, for designing, creating and meeting real, everyday needs. Together with Italia, Artusi, Convivum, Lignum et Lapis, and Spatia, you will also find Gamma, the product designed in the seventies by Almerino and Lena Fortuna. Reworked to meet today’s needs, its formal sharpness and great versatility mean it integrates perfectly with the Arclinea Collection.